James Hernandez International Executive Search

The James Hernandez Company specializes in identifying and recruiting successful executives with proven track records to lead and manage your company. Our commitment is to earn your trust and respect while engaged on every critical search assignment for you. As a client, you benefit from our expertise in executive search, assessment, due diligence while partnering and collaborating in concert with your Company's investors, directors and management-team. » Learn more

James Hernandez
Venture Management - Over 40 Years in High Technology Ventures - Worldwide Searches. Retained Executive Search Professional recruiting at the C-Level, Board of Directors, Vice Presidents, GM and P&L and Directors. » Learn more


Primary Search Focus by Industries
JHI recruits leadership human talent for corporate clients who develop, design and produce IT products in markets, such as: wireless smart iPhones and iPads, touch screen technologies for wireless handheld mobile devices; communications and telecommunications products for routers, Ethernet, switches, channel fabric, security and surveillance, network storage, optical networking; software applications and cloud technologies; semiconductor products for memory & logic, SoC, embedded microprocessors, flash, mix-signal and other IC designs; PCs and notebook - laptop computing systems; solar, alternative reusable energy, and clean technology. » Review services

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