The James Hernandez Company

The James Hernandez Company search practice aspires and executes to the highest level of professional and ethical conduct compatible with the Association of Executive Search Consultants.

The James Hernandez Company is compensated by the client-firm it represents; search fees from a career-seeking executive are neither solicited nor accepted.

We become an extension of the client organization we represent; your company information - business plans, financial statements, management organizational charts, technology trade-secrets, merger and acquisition or divestiture plans - is privileged information and will not be revealed.

Our size allows us to scrutinize the personal and professional integrity of prospective candidates before we make contact with them. Our recommendations are then passed on to you with the finalist.
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Our Principles & Code of Ethics

Your firm's identity will be kept confidential from all candidates until the finalists (usually three to five) are chosen to be introduced for interviewing by your company.

The James Hernandez Company will not consider or approach any of your firm's executives for recruitment until two years after a successful search has been completed. In the event we consider one of your firm's employee as a possibility for another organization's search, we will not approach them without your previous knowledge.

As representative of your organization, we will not make any misrepresentations regarding your company's requirements. We will not advertise our firm, practice or merits in an undignified way. We will, at all times, conduct our search practice in a professional and ethical manner.

We will not reveal information regarding your search requirements to internal members of your organization who are not involved in the search committee.

We will not send resumes unsolicited to any organization; nor, will we accept unsolicited resumes from personnel agencies or individuals for fee-split consideration.

We will provide resumes of our candidates, or disclose their identity to our client organization, only upon our candidates' consent and approval for specific search requirements.

Once the search is initiated, candidates will be presented for your exclusive consideration. Candidates will not be introduced to other firms until you have eliminated them as candidates for your company.

The James Hernandez Company will not collaborate in securing offers of employment for candidates for their sole purpose, or intent, of leveraging counter-offers from their present organization.

We will not accept an assignment with a client where another executive recruiting consultant is known to be engaged on the same search, without prior approval of all parties concerned. If approved, we will be compensated for our entire search fee. We will not be expected to compensate the other search firm or search consultant from the proceeds of our search fees.

We will not influence, entice, suggest or recommend any of our client organizations employees to look into positions of employment, based on search assignments we become aware of in the search industry, for the sole purpose of creating a vacancy and obtaining a search assignment from our clients.

Nor, will we pass on names of key executives to other search firms or search consultants so they may recruit from our client organizations, thereby creating search assignment opportunities to exploit. » Contact James Hernandez

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