The James Hernandez Company differentiates from other executive recruiting firms in important ways. Our size provides you with a competitive advantage; we can offer personal, "boutique" recruiting service to our clients. Unlike other large search firms, we are not restricted nor controlled by large corporate clients; consequently, we have a huge pool of companies we are free to use as recruiting sources world-wide.

Since we are familiar with distress situations, we have expertise in evaluating the "adrenaline factor"; we will recruit highly skilled individuals who are effective and at their best when working under extreme pressure to reduce negative cashflow losses, improve business growth and reduce costs, increase revenue run-rates and profit margins, and achieve over-all corporate productivity for optimum return on investments and assets. » Contact The James Hernandez Company

Our approach is client-centered; when we undertake a search assignment for you, we take on your company's philosophy, corporate culture and management objectives. Our commitment is to your entire success. Every search is unique. We do not have a canned formula we impose on every company; your company's needs determine our search procedure. Once we determine your company's needs while working in concert with your search committee, we will strategically plan the dynamics of the search to maximize a greater degree of successfully filling the search assignment for your company.

The James Hernandez Company stresses a team approach, thus insuring thoroughness and objectivity. The client gets personal service, professionalism, confidentiality, urgency, multiple coverage, and reference checking as we screen and interview individuals for your company's needs. When you authorize us to undertake a search on your behalf, we do the job fast, leaving you free to attend to important business matters and your primary job responsibilities.

Whatever size of your firm, from early-stage start-up, mid-size organization to conglomerate, The James Hernandez Company commits all its efforts to your company requirements. Our commitment is to fill each search assignment we undertake for your firm with individuals who will make your company financially profitable, and provide a sustainable competitive advantage over your competition.

James Hernandez Search Approach

Our search process is designed and executed in eight sequential phases, which expand the potential for successfully filling each search assignment we undertake for your company

Definition of Parameters and Job Specifications
Everything depends on the fundamental needs of your company and management objectives. We place great importance on arriving at an exact definition of the search assignment to be filled, and a precise delineation of the characteristics of the ideal candidate you seek. Conference with you and working effectively in a joint-concerted effort with your staff is essential to our success throughout the entire search process.

Subsequently, we prepare a written profile and job specification which represents both your company's and our firm's understanding of the criteria required for the search assignment. This mutually agreed upon profile serves as a prototype model of the search procedure to follow.

Research and Data
The research phase concentrates on the generation and development of information which leads us to identify people fitting your candidate profile and job specifications. We concentrate on finding appropriate source companies within relevant industries, which can lead us to specific individuals who may be potential candidates.

Prospective Candidates
As candidates are identified, they are evaluated against the search profile and specifications. We assess viable candidates professional employment history, performance, responsibilities, credentials, and accomplishments in their careers, as well as their career setbacks.

Candidates and Communication
After contacting all prospective candidates, we choose those showing the greatest promise for in-person interviews. Throughout this process, we remain in constant contact, keeping you - our client up-dated on the progress of the search assignment.

Comparative Industry and Compensation Analysis
If your candidate comes from a similar industry, but one in which salary and benefits differ from your company's, The James Hernandez Company will help determine a comparable salary and compensation package based on our knowledge of the global marketplace.

Final Presentation and Recommendations
After the top candidates have been interviewed by us, only viable candidates who are highly qualified and who are sincerely interested in your company's career opportunity are presented to your company's staff members, board of directors, venture capital and investment banker groups, or your search panel committee.

To identify and resolve potential problems, we will offer recommendations to insure the "fit"of both parties. Upon your selection of the final candidate, we will assist in negotiating, as well as presenting, your company's final offer to the selected candidate.

Due Diligence and Reference Check on Candidates
A thorough reference check will be done on the finalist you plan to select, detailed and penetrating inquiries will be made about their accomplishments, performance on the job, and evaluation of their personal character and integrity is probed. This confidential feedback will be provided for your company's review.

Assignment Completion, Client and Candidate Contact
After successful completion of the search assignment, we will continue our obligation to your company, remaining in contact with both your staff and your newly-hired candidate throughout the first year of employment.

Our assignment is not finished until a smooth transition for both parties is achieved, which reduces any potential problems or decrease in productivity for your company.

The James Hernandez Company is interested in aspiring to the highest level of professional and ethical conduct compatible with the Association of Executive Search Consultants.
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